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How the World’s Largest Healthcare Company Streamlined Its Policy Document Creation Process

Background: The client is part of a family of companies that comprises the largest health insurance organization in the US. The organization arranges for access to care through networks including 1.4 million healthcare professionals and approximately 6,500 healthcare facilities.

Challenge: The client is responsible for distributing short-term insurance policy documents, which must be updated frequently to reflect changes in legislation and market conditions. Before the client approached the Symphio team in 2017, its documents were being manually produced and then checked for accuracy by the compliance team – a process that took months to complete. The company needed a solution that would streamline the document creation process and allow it to get policies out the door quickly.

Solution: Arrange enables the client to create endless customer communications from a single composition, instead of managing hundreds of individual templates. Using conditional actions, the client can create documents personalized for each member and then arrange those documents into complex kits containing unique policy details. Today, the client distributes compact policy books, rather than piecemeal information that is difficult to contain and navigate. As a result, it is delivering more gratifying customer experiences.

Results: After years of stagnation in the communications management technology space, Symphio is revolutionizing the way healthcare organizations administer content and connect with their customer bases. Symphio gives the client the flexibility to print its documents or upload for electronic access via its customer portal. Not to mention, it enhances the opportunity for personalization and diminishes the possibility of document error. Since implementing Symphio, the client has significantly reduced the amount of time and effort required to produce customer communications, decreased its operational costs and increased its customer satisfaction rates.