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How a Healthcare Leader Increased Collaboration with Customers to Accelerate Its Document Review Process

Background: Serving one in five Medicare beneficiaries, the client is the single largest business dedicated to the health and well-being of seniors and other Medicare beneficiaries. For four decades, the client has served the healthcare coverage needs of Medicare beneficiaries, navigating through multiple evolutions of the Medicare program and growing to become the preferred choice of more beneficiaries than any other company.

Challenge: The client is responsible for working with third-party customers to develop documentation for their Medicare and retiree programs. Before the client met with the Symphio team, it relied solely on email to gather feedback from customers, relay that feedback to document owners and obtain approvals from its legal department. To complicate matters, the client had only a few weeks to finalize document changes in order to meet Open Enrollment deadlines. The client needed a solution that would simplify and accelerate this complex process of document approvals.

Solution: Collaborate enables the client to manage all documentation from a central location, instead of relying on email and disparate systems. The client can enact Review Stages to collect feedback from the customer – identifying specific content for review and assigning a definitive deadline. The customer has the ability to review select content and leave comments from within the application. All parties benefit from increased visibility and control over their documents.

Results: Collaborate has completely revolutionized the way the client works with both its customers and internal stakeholders. Not only does Collaborate encourage collaboration, but it promotes time savings by centralizing the review process and implementing deadlines and reminders. The client has also introduced a tagging system for quickly categorizing and locating documents. All document versions are maintained for later reference and compliance purposes. Ultimately, Symphio has shifted authority over the process back into the client’s hands, while continuing to accommodate the needs of third-party customers.